Roast chicken with lemon & rosemary roast potatoes

February 07, 2017


  • 1 Whole (2.5kg) Chicken
  • 1-2 Lemons cut into wedges (depending on size) 
  • Garlic (2 cloves chopped for potatoes and  a few whole cloves for roasting with chicken) 
  • 100g Rosemary (you will need some chopped roughly for potato marinade, plus a few springs for chicken) 
  • 2 kg Potatoes (9 large potatoes) 
  • Olive oil or Butter ( whichever you prefer to rub into chicken and cover spuds)
  • Salt and Pepper 


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.
  2. Place whole chicken on a backing tray, pat dry with a paper towel
  3. Use a basting brush to spread olive oil onto the chicken, rubbing it into the skin of the chicken (you can use your hands if its easier) 
  4. Sprinkle salt and pepper onto chicken to your taste, add lemon wedges, couple of springs of rosemary and whole garlic cloves to the tray for flavour
  5. Peel potatoes and cut into large chunks 
  6. Peel and finely chop 2 cloves of garlic & roughly chop rosemary
  7. Place cut potato pieces in a bowl and marinate with garlic and rosemary, add enough oil or melted butter to coat potatoes and mix well, throw marinated potatoes onto a tray 
  8. Place chicken in the oven, cook for 2 hours 
  9. One hour and 15 mins into the cooking time of the chicken, add the tray of potatoes to cook with the chicken for the remaining 45 mins or until cooked through and crispy. 
  10. Turn potatoes every 15 mins to make extra crispy. 
  11. After cooking time is up, remove chicken and potatoes from oven
  12. Let chicken cool for a few minutes before carving & serve. Enjoy!

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